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LOPC'S Weekly Podcast 

LOPC ep. 81 - You Don't Want The Success

Episode 81 - You Don't Want The Success You

Think You Do!

What would you do if the success you’ve always dreamed about fell into your lap right now at this moment. 

Before you answer that question, you may want to take a listen first.

LOPC ep. 80 - SpotLIfe on Kolby LaMarche

Episode 80 - SpotLife on: Kolby LaMarche

Kolby LaMarche was elected as Burlington, Vermont's Republican Party Char in January 2019,  at the ripe young age of 17, which (he believes) made him youngest state party chair in the history of VT.  
However, after 2 years,  LaMarche grew disenchanted with the divisive politics his beloved party continued to promote.  

Take a listen to our conversation with the young potential political rising star.

LOPC ep. 79 - Connecting with Your Base

Episode 79 - Connecting With Your Base?

No man is an island. No celebrity, influencer or successful business person can survive without their fans, clients and customers. Their base. 

From recording artists to politicians, your base is your lifeblood, and how you connect with them is the difference between being here to stay and being gone tomorrow.

LOPC ep.78 - Celebrities - Accountable o

Episode 78 - Celebrity Accountable or Nah?

It isn't as difficult (or special, if you ask me) to become a celebrity nowadays. The internet has put the world at virtually everyone's fingertips.

All you have to do is do something really ingenious, really stupid, really shocking or really talented that appeals to 1 million or more people and... BOOM!

You're a viral hit. Do it two or more times and... BSM! You're a celebrity.

Without the vital filter or vetting of time and patience anymore, how much accountability and responsibility do you think celebrities should own?Or do you think it isn't their concern to be accountable or responsible to society with their content or creations?

LOPC ep. 77 - Jack of All Trades (square

Episode 77 - Jack of All Trades

A famous saying that was originally meant as a compliment is now more known as a warning. But is being a Jack of All Trades totally a bad thing?

Stone and Jony discuss the pros and cons of this popular quote.

LOPC ep. 76 - Wisdom vs. Experience (squ

Episode 76 - Wisdom vs. Experience

The oxymoron of it all is, whereas wisdom comes from experience,

ironically that experience comes from a certain lack of wisdom. But if experience is the best teacher, then wisdom is the cheat sheet passed along by those who have lived before you.

LOPC ep. 75 - SpotLife on - Delgado Hit

Episode 75 - SpotLife on: Delgado Hit Lotto

We sit down with NY native,

Atlanta transplant rapper Delgado Hit Lotto to discuss his journey into music and how he his work ethic has him outpacing many of his peers.

LOPC ep. 74 - How To Make The Choice (sq

Episode 74 - How To Make That Choice

No matter what it is we do, it starts with a decision. A choice.

But sometimes making that choice is one of the most difficult things we've ever done because so many times we have what we see with our eyes battling with what we think in our heads, which in turn is battling with what we feel in our hearts.

So how do we go about making that choice?

LOPC ep. 73 - Control (square).PNG

Episode 73 - Control

"Control, now I've got a lot. Control, to get what I want. Control, never gonna stop. Control, now I'm all grown up." Empowering lyrics by the incomparable Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, performed by the iconic Janet Jackson. But what happens when things are beyond your control? How do you handle that? What do you do? Let's talk about it...

LOPC ep. 72 - The Business of Marriage (

Episode 72 - The Business of Marriage

Not many people want to see the demise of a relationship, but they do happen. The important thing is what we can take away from them and even high profile divorces like Kim and Kanye have have hidden lessons to be learned.

To binge on other episodes, simply click on your favorite platform!

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