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LOPC'S Weekly Podcast 

LOPC ep. 93 - SpotLife on Raab Stevenson (square).PNG

Episode 93 - SpotLife on: Raab Stevenson

If you've ever enjoyed the vocal performances of Justin Timberlake, NeYo, Rihanna, Anderson Paak, Dave Matthews, and many others, then you have Raab Stevenson to thank for much of it.

Raab trains some of music's biggest stars and he sat down with Stone and Jony to discuss his come up and what it takes to be one of the most sought after vocal coaches in the country.

LOPC ep. 92 - One Bad Apple (square).PNG

Episode 92 - One Bad Apple

"One bad apple destroys the whole bunch."  It's a saying we've all heard at some point in our lives. But why is that?  Why does one bad apple destroy an entire bushel?
Why can't a good apple improve the whole bunch.

Unfortunately, life (and science) don't quite work that way.   Listen to hear why.

LOPC ep. 91 - ShaCarri Richardson (square).PNG

Episode 91 - W.A.D.A. We Do Now? The Sha'Carri Richardson story

As we watch America rally behind the young up-and-coming phenom, Sha'Carri Richardson - who was apparently America's best hope for Olympic gold in the women's 100 meters - who is at fault? 

Does the blame lie solely on outdated controlled substance rules and testing by the World Anti-Doping Agency?  Does the blame lie on Sha'Carri not adhering to those rules regardless of the circumstances that influenced her decision?  

Let's discuss.  And we want to hear from you, ur listeners! 

LOPC ep. 90 - The Success Illusion (square).PNG

Episode 90 - The Success Illusion

How many of us know someone who has climbed the ladder of success in their career and seem to be killing it in life? 
What about the ones who's social media feed shows them reaping the rewards of hard work, good choices and success? 

But then you get a glimpse on the inside only to find they have a dysfunctional home life, immoral business practices, time management issues, etc.  

Everyone's definition of success is different, but so many people have are more successful at doing than they are at being.

LOPC ep. 89 - SpotLife on - Johnta Austin.PNG

Episode 89 - SpotLife on:  Johnta Austin

This week we sat down with the talented and witty multi-Grammy award winning songwriter and recording artist, Johnta Austin.  
Most recently known for his massively popular Versus battle with fellow songwriter/artist, Neyo - Johnta has penned hits for such superstars as Mariah Carey ("We Belong Together, "Shake It Off"), Aaliyah ("Miss You"), Chris Brown ("With You"), and many more.

LOPC ep. 88 - Gun Violence and the Music Industry (square).PNG

Episode 87 - Gun Violence and the Music Industry

In a recent issue of Billboard  (06/7/21), an open letter signed by the Who's Who in the music industry was sent to the senators of the United States in regards to gun violence and gun control. 
Where this sounds good on the surface, Stone and Jony discuss the paradox of an industry that makes millions on the glorification of gun violence ,yet at the same time, wants to raise their voice to squelch it through Washington.

LOPC ep. 86 - Update - What We're Up To

Episode 86 - Update: What We're Doing Now

Over one year, 86 episodes, 4,600 downloads and one pandemic later, Stone and Jony share updates on what's been happening in life outside of Life on Podcast (is there such a thing?)

LOPC ep. 85 - Evergreen - The Art of Rep

Episode 85 - Evergreen: The Art of Repurposing

Designers do it all the time. Creating cool chandeliers from old bottles, a fish tank from an old tv.  And who can remember using milk crates as basketball "hoops" back in the day?  Classic!

Well why not do it with your content?  Just because you posted a photo or released a song once means it was heard by everyone. 

In this episode we talk about the often underused art of repurposing. 

LOPC ep. 84 - Is The Entertainment Indus

Episode 84 - Is The Entertainment Industry Dying?

The golden age of Hollywood is considered to be from the 1910s - 1960s, while the golden age of music is considered to be 1960s - 1990s. 
There are several thoughts on why this may be, but overall what it comes down to is, the more accessible "the entertainment industry" has become to the masses, the more it lost its dreamlike appeal. 

To some, that may look like "death".  But is it?

LOPC ep. 83 - The Burnout (square).PNG

Episode 83 - The Burnout

Saying things like, "I'll sleep when I die." may sound badass but is more like bad judgment. When you don't effectively balance grind and sleep neither become productive and you end up going nowhere... and being there sick and tired.

LOPC 83 - Good vs Right (square).PNG

Episode 82 - Good vs. Right

Sometimes the enemy to reaching your goals isn't doing what is bad, but doing what is good!  See, just because something is good, doesn't mean that it's right.  But it's actually a sneaky distraction because it FEELs right. 

To binge on other episodes, simply click on your favorite platform!

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